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PX prices Yindie trend

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Affected by the lower raw material prices and downstream polyester demand weakness, Tuesday's Asian PX fell 11 US dollars to close at 846.5 US dollars / ton FOB Korea and 868.5 US dollars / ton CFR Taiwan. ICE April Brent crude futures fell $ 1.19 / barrel to $ 58.48, MX fell 16 US dollars to 713 US dollars FOB Korea and 743 US dollars / ton CFR Taiwan. March Asia ACP advocacy price introduced, Exxon Mobil nominated $ 900 / tonne CFR, while Japan's JX New Japan oil and energy nominated $ 910 / t cfr. Japan's light production and South Korea's SK global chemical nominated for 940 US dollars / ton CFR. Price, the MOC window did not submit the disk appears in the window, the April supply offer at 870 US dollars / ton CFR, 3 months under the delivery at 858 US dollars / ton CFR.

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