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Aromatic market dependence on crude oil increased

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The recent aromatics market as a whole to discuss the activities of the downstream demand for departure from the background of the emotional state, as crude oil as a whole is basically in a sustained rebound stage, which led to higher market incentives, and after entering in February, from the downstream The enthusiasm of the active procurement is also gradually subsided, the market price and price problems began to appear. However, with the continuous rebound in crude oil to enhance the intensity of commercial activities began to become the market leader in most of the time in January has been in a state of silence futures negotiations appeared in the expected bargain-hunting signs, toluene futures from the lowest 4500 yuan / Ton significantly higher in the 4950 yuan / ton, while the solvent xylene has been in a high degree of pre-premium problems also appeared to ease, talk from the lowest 4600 yuan / ton higher in the 5300 yuan / ton - futures talks higher in a large extent Support and consolidate the lack of downstream before the Spring Festival to participate in the spot market.

Crude oil is still the market active level of signs and stimulants, into February, with the downstream holiday cycle before the arrival of the market spot market began to gradually enter the cooling state, the signs of stabilization of crude oil did not play a more obvious stimulus to the downstream Effect, but the futures market has injected a positive factor, because most people began to stabilize the expected increase in crude oil, which makes the previous has been faltering toluene futures began to significantly improved, especially crude oil in the short three trading days (January 31, February 2 and 3) rebounded by more than 15%, which makes the market before the more prudent emotions are fully stimulated and become active and active, and from the specific product point of view, Market activity is slightly different: near the Spring Festival, the downstream demand for a higher degree of dependence on toluene, the market more focused on the long-term enthusiasm, due to weak demand for the spot, the overall supply of petrochemical enterprises strong, which led to The market is forced to consolidate and promote the steady flow of toluene spot prices through the operation of futures.

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