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About Us

The company is a set of production, science and trade integration of the Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. The main products are liquid sulfur dioxide, nitric acid, nitroso sulfuric acid and so on. At present, related products are mainly sold to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, and other places, and exported to Japan, Germany and other foreign markets. The company since its inception has been adhering to the "quality of life, service is the soul, management is the foundation, integrity is fundamental" concept, based on domestic and world, to meet customer requirements for the purpose of innovation and development as their responsibility, , Bigger!

Entrepreneurial spirit: integrity based on innovation and innovation

Corporate culture: carefully and carefully

Business purposes: customer-centric, quality of life, innovation as the driving force to the fundamental talent

Quality: quality first, the customer first, quality service, science and technology Societe Generale

Development objectives: health, stability, sustained

Brand concept: cutting-edge quality, high-end fine, quality service

Management philosophy: full participation, strengthen management, excellence, casting quality

Employee principles:

Feng Yu in the selection, education, employment to follow the principles are:

Life is virtuous, humble and peaceful, the first team interests, power in everyone, in their own;

Passionate, serious and strict, high standards, strict requirements, fast pace;

Make a moral staff, do a skilled staff, do a learning ability of the staff.

Employer mechanism: open, fair and just

Work style: day on the day of the day


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