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2015 Butyl Alcohol Market Outlook

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Butanol: the downstream has been stocking, butanol factory more than the implementation of pre-order delivery work. Lunar New Year approaching, with the industry one after another, the market to discuss the atmosphere or a sharp decline. At present, domestic chemicals are at a low level, long overbought willing to strong, is expected after the holiday butanol or difficult to quickly step back, when the market operating range of 6400-6500 yuan / ton (East China).

Octanol: the recent octanol to maintain tight supply pattern, especially since the second half of last week, with propylene and long bargain-hunting will increase, manufacturers offer a slight increase, the market then higher. After the holiday, it is expected that long or still push up the intention, and another Qilu maintenance of the positive stimulus, when the market or slightly higher, is expected after the holiday octanol market running range of 7400-7500 yuan / ton (Shandong region).

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