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Benzene market atmosphere gradually restored

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1. Pure benzene valuation plate (unit: yuan / ton)

Pure benzene

Product / quote area

Huadong Region

Day ups and downs

North China

Day ups and downs

February 25th





February 26th



2. Benzene manufacturers dynamic

Firm price stability

3. Domestic market dynamics

Preganglionic stocking is limited, the downstream market back to the market faster than expected, the market began to appear, but the price for the test, the industry concerned about the gains of crude oil gains on the outer disk, as well as the concentration of styrene in March on the market caused by bad expectations , Mentality hesitated, resulting in limited offer offer.

4. Downstream Styrene

Today, the domestic market prices of styrene significantly up today, the market opened part of the downstream market will start the next day, and some small downstream factories have also been opened, compared with last year's Spring Festival after the general start in advance of the phenomenon, boost The market confidence, making the business needs of optimism, the market pulled up significantly, turnover all the way higher. But at the same time, before the end of the concentration to Hong Kong, as well as pre-holiday reserve raw materials, making the short-term market is still cautious. The March-June concentration makes the industry relatively optimistic about the futures market, futures transactions positive.

5. Market outlook forecast

Related products hydrogenation trend strong, pure benzene industry mentality have a certain title, so despite the domestic price is higher than the outer disk, the industry is still more holdings on the market outlook. However, Asia-Europe styrene repair in March is expected, benzene market outlook is expected to be reduced, resulting in some of the participants mentality cautious.

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