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Domestic oil prices pushed up positive and still exist

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Spring Festival holiday just over, China's refined oil market on the oil price "two up" topic constantly. With the price adjustment window approaching, more than the main unit in advance to digest the increase, gasoline and diesel prices rose to the wholesale limit, and even linked to the retail price, domestic gasoline and diesel retail profits continue to narrow.

According to Treasure Island estimates, as of February 27, the domestic tenth day of crude oil comprehensive average price of 55.968 US dollars, the current round of refined oil prices also raised as scheduled: Development and Reform Commission notice shows that the current price of gasoline rose by 390 yuan / Ton, converted into a retail price of 90 # gasoline rose 0.29 yuan / liter; diesel price increase of 375 yuan / ton, converted into a retail price of 0 # diesel 0.32 yuan / liter price adjustment, will be 24 at 24 o'clock.

Refined oil market by the news surface support, domestic oil market speculation rose hot. News on the current round of pricing cycle, the international crude oil is quite volatile, but the overall increase is greater than the decline, resulting in the rate of change is always located in the positive high, the domestic refined oil market price increase message support factors strong. After the oil price increase, in the new pricing cycle, the international oil market fundamentals of negative and positive factors, international oil prices are limited, ups and downs are contained, is expected to relatively short-term crude oil trend, short-term WTI will be 48- $ 52 / barrel run within the range, Brent will run in the range of $ 53-60 / barrel, the rate of change will remain positive run, a new round of price adjustment window will be opened on March 12, the domestic refined oil Market prices are still bullish.

Demand is the main factor supporting the high price of refined oil. After the Spring Festival, the oil market within the market trading atmosphere is still maintained during the holiday light situation, but the market outlook is optimistic, and is expected to support oil prices, the main unit of gasoline and diesel prices remain high. In addition, after the Spring Festival inventory consumption, some industry have replenishment demand, which led to more than the main unit of refined oil product prices rose, especially gasoline shipments remain high, tight in some areas of resources, sales strategy. Due to the Spring Festival stock market driven by the domestic part of the main unit in February sales tasks ahead of schedule or shipments over, and then reluctant to sell a strong state of mind, South China, East China, North China and other parts of the main unit rose to the state Sales.

Supply surplus situation is to support oil prices is another main factor. During the Spring Festival, some of the main unit refinery to reduce the amount of crude oil processing, gasoline and diesel production decreased, the supply has declined; after the Spring Festival, nine ministries of the vehicle fuel market regulation gradually carried out to reconcile the oil operation more difficult to flow into the market Of the reconciled resources to be suppressed, to some extent, the national standard of gasoline and diesel sales, the main unit around the increase in shipments; coupled with the demand by the holiday, the local refinery shipped smoothly, the inventory is low, three intertwined, making the domestic Refined oil market as a whole oversupply situation has been eased, the domestic oil prices are still supported. But with the end of the Spring Festival holiday, vehicle traffic back to normal, gasoline consumption gradually reduced, diesel demand is expected to recover with the spring near the market at least in late March to be reflected in the short term terminal demand is still in the slow recovery stage, The overall demand for refined oil products in the near future is difficult to effectively warmer.

Oil prices raised as scheduled, as the majority of the industry before the price adjustment has been prepared in advance, the late market will enter the inventory stage, around the oil purchase and sale of the atmosphere will be light. According to Treasure Island estimates data show that oil prices after the increase in gasoline retail profits shrinking significantly, retracted to 350-450 yuan / ton, diesel retail profits more meager, maintained at 200-300 yuan / ton. March gasoline demand will slow down, diesel demand recovery is also relatively slow, and downstream gasoline and diesel stocks still need a certain digestion time, do not rule out the possibility of profit promotion may be, gasoline and diesel retail profits or will rise.

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